Installing the Oil Feed Lines for the Head Cooling

The feed lines for the cooling oil to the heads enter each head just in front of the throttle body flanges.  The feed lines are connected after the heads are torqued down and the  intake manifold is installed.

These fittings screw into the heads and then a compression fitting on each hose attaches to them.  HD only calls for an o-ring on each fitting.  I replaced the o-rings, but also added a layer of teflon tape to the fittings.  The o-rings get oiled lightly to keep them from distorting as the fittings are torqued down.

Installing the Oil Fitting

And then the compression fittings on each braided oil line are tightened onto the fittings in the heads.  Spec is 13-17 ft-lbs.

Lines in Place

As you can see in the above picture, in order to be able to position the intake manifold against the heads, the cooling oil feed lines to the heads should be installed after the heads are torqued and the throttle body is bolted in place.

Now on to install the Rocker Arms and their covers.

I just used a long extension on a socket to torque these fittings to 22-26 ft-lbs  in the heads.

Torquing the Oil Fitting


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XR1200 Rocker Arm Installation

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