Drag Racing the XR1200

Back in July of 2009 I took my XR1200 to the drag strip.  I think one of the magazines was boasting about hitting 12.4s or 12.5s in the quarter, and I just couldn't help but believe that a tuned XR1200 was faster than that!
Maryland International Raceway (MIR) at Budds Creek is a great place to ride.  For a 10 sec or slower bike all that one needs to do is pass a bike safety check and have a good helmet, leather jacket, gloves and boots.  There are no special changes needed.  Plus, when Jason Miller does a track day, it is a fun filled day of racing and learning.  At any rate, here is what my XR1200 did at the track back in July of '09...
7/10/2009 - To MIR.   After a couple runs on the track, my 165 lb buddy took my XR1200 down in 11.8 sec.  Not bad for a tuned and essentially stock XR1200, ridden for the first time by a non-Harley rider.  (Ok, he's a darned good motorcycle drag racer, but still...) 
The below are some pics of the time slips.  I'd like to say that I rode those times, but my Fatboy had been neglected for a year and I was trying to get its times back into the mid 11's too.


Bike "120" is my XR1200.  The 11.8 time slips - with only drilled stock exhausts, a Pipercross air filter, and a tuned HD ECM - were pretty decent.  The rear tire was a OEM HD Qualifier with air pressure dropped down to about 23 lbs.  My friend, who weighs 165 lbs and is a fairly skilled drag racer, was riding.  I was tuning the HD ECM between runs using Mastertune, and tried several timing adjustments and different AFR settings to finally get to this point.    (Oh yeah, and that "other" bike in the next lane over in the one run, was one of the Haybusas taking a leisurely run down the track.)
With some clutch adjustments and more time on the bike, I'd like to think - based on the still comparatively slow 60' times in these runs - that a tuned stock XR1200 would peel off another tenth or two in the quarter-mile.

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