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The XR1200...

Tech Info

"Tech Info" includes info on the XR1200 and related items, that I've collected from various sources and determined myself.

XR1200 Modifications and Pictures

I bought my XR1200 with the intent of not modifying it, since it seemed like the "perfect" Harley right off the showroom floor.  Well, while I still think it is the best motorcyle that Harley has recently produced - deference of course to the other XR's, including the FXR - I still can't stop tweaking it a bit.  Here is what I've done.

EFI Tuning

Some thoughts on EFI tuning for the XR1200 will go in this section.  EFI tuning is a passion, but there never seems to be enough time to do the writeup that it deserves...

Just XR1200 Stuff

Miscellany on the XR will end up here.

XR1200 Production Numbers

The initial XR1200's were 2008 model-year bikes sold overseas starting in about April 2008.  U.S. sales started with an initial release of 750 pre-ordered 2009 model-year bikes.  General U.S. sales started in about January of 2009.  This link contains some statistics on the numbers of XR1200's manufactured from its international start in 2008, through the last run of Brazil motorcycles in 2012.

Vance and Hines Spec Race Series

The European XR1200 spec race series has been under way for a while.  This is some information on the U.S. Vance and Hines AMA spec race series.

XR1200 Trophy Race Series

The UK BSB (and other European) spec series races set the stage for development of performance accessories for the XR1200.


Favorite Links

Some of my favorite links.