PitBull Forward Handled Rear, Spooled Stand

I picked up a PitBull forward-handled rear wheel work stand for the XR1200.  Having used a hydraulic frame lift for quite a while, I was not really sure that the rear wheel stand would be an improvement, but I was looking for something that I could take to the track, for days when I pulled the "jiffy stand" and installed the belly pan.  The PitBull stand seemed like just the thing.

One of the things that I wanted in a rear stand, was a forward facing handle so that the stand was easier to use to lift the bike by myself, and to take up less space in a closed place like the garage.  The Forward Handled Rear, Spooled Pitbull stand seemed like just the thing.
Two things work against using a rear wheel lift stand on the XR1200.  The first is that using rear axle spools as the lift points, the XR1200 is wider than most other sport bikes for which this PitBull lift is designed.  The second is that at nominally 550 lbs, the XR1200 is significantly heavier than the sportbikes which are usually lifted with these stands.  The weight of the bike was something that I simply had to get used to in using the stand.  The width however was initially a problem.  The PitBull Forward Handled Rear, Spooled stand is about an inch too narrow to work with the XR1200.  A couple of measurements and a call to PitBull though was all it took to have a custom width lift bracket made for the top of the stand.  It would also have been nice to have had the stand built with about a 12" longer lift arm to ease the lifting process, but once I had the special brackets installed and practiced a few times, inserting and lifting the bike was fairly easy.
Here are a few pictures...

Pictures of the PitBull Forward Handled Stand

Here is the PitBull stand set up and ready to lift my XR1200.  The top pieces that cradle the spools are adjustable for the width of the rear axle.  Unfortunately, the PitBull front hanlded stand is about an inch too narrow for the XR1200's rear wheel.  While it is possible to use the standard top brackets to lift the XR by flipping the left bracket outward, this puts the handle too close to the side of the XR.  So, I opted to have a custom bracket made for the right side of the bike, to allow that side to be reversed outward.  The end result is the stand as you see it below.

Pit Bull Stand

Here is a look at the stand under the XR1200, from the rear.  If the width of the stand were about 1" wider, both of the lift brackets could be turned inward and the stand would not require any further modification for the XR1200.  Unfortunately, that is not the case, but it is easy to request a custom right lift bracket to use the stand with axle spools on the XR1200.  The clearance between the right lifting bracket and the pulley is a little close, but it works just fine.

Pit Bull from Rear

PitBull with Standard Ends

The picture to the right shows how the standard brackets can be positioned to make the stand work with the XR, but this is not ideal.  When the left bracket is reversed as shown, the lifting handle is too close to the side of the XR1200.  One has to use great care not to skin knuckles while raising and lowering the bike, and the left footpeg needs to be held up and out of the way to allow the lifting handle to clear the side of the bike.  It works like this, but is not at all convenient.

The below shows a look at the XR1200 raised up on the PitBull stand.  It is a convenient place to do light work on the bike.

Pit Bull from Side

XR on PitBull


I'll admit that in general I prefer a hydraulic frame jack to lift the whole bike.  A frame jack is a stronger lift and can raise the whole bike higher for work.  But, the rear wheel stand is convenient for light work at the track, or like shown, inthe driveway.  I like it for working on things like exhaust systems because it is stable and provides great clearance. 
The PitBull stand is very well made and high quality.  While this particular stand would be more convenient if it were an inch wider, it can be made to work well with the XR1200.

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