Exhaust Comparison

Horsepower, Horsepower,  The below dyno graph shows the difference in power output of my engine with the D&D 2-into-1 header with special exhaust can, the Termignoni 2-1-2, the Torque Hammer 2-into-1 system (without silencer), the Vance and Hines 2-1-2 Widow, and the OEM XR1200 exhaust.  For some more info click here.
The Vance and Hines Widow surprised me and has come out to be the best performing exhaust system for the XR1200 of all the pipes that I have tested so far.  The Vance and Hines pipe produces a nice strong torque curve like the D&D pipe, but also builds the most horsepower off all of the pipes tested so far.  It is down a few HP from some of the other pipes, below 3,000 rpm but this is not normal operating range for the XR so it is inconsequential.  While the D&D exhaust system used here is not the full production Concentric baffle exhaust system, the D&D exhaust header with the special exhaust can used here produced much better performance than the straight stock D&D Concenteric pipe..  You can see the tradeoffs between the Modified D&D exhaust combo (RED), the Termignoni 2-1-2 exhaust system (without silencer) (dashed line in BLUE),  the Torque Hammer exhaust system (with silencer) (GREEN), the Vance and Hines Widow (dashed line in OLIVE)and the drilled OEM exhaust (PINK).
As a reference, the BLACK line is the stock engine before any work, tuned with a drilled OEM exhaust.

XR1200 with 575XR cams, CNC heads, and pistons
D&D vs Termignoni vs Torque Hammer vs V&H vs OEM

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