Power Comparison Between a Stock XR1200 and a XR1200 with a 575 Cam

I had an opportunity to take my XR1200 to a dyno day at a dealer during April of 2012 - and it happened that another XR1200 owner had his bike there the same day!  That gave me a chance to compare my XR with 575 cams against an XR with stock cams, on the same day, and on the same dyno.  For this comparison, the difference between the two bikes/builds was:

  • Other XR1200 with a stock motor and Vance and Hines 2-1-2 exhaust; and a HD ECM tuned with a SuperTuner map


  • My XR1200 with Zippers Redshift 575 cams, Zippers CNC ported heads, Vance and Hines 2-1-2 exhaust; and the Thundermax ECM.

As mentioned, the dyno runs were done the same day, on the same dyno, by the same operator at Susquehanna Harley Davidson in Harrisburg PA on April 7, 2012.  For anyone wondering about the potential improvements from a 575 cam build in the XR1200, th
e following graph represents the power difference between the two bikes...



Stock XR vs 575XR Build with the same Exhaust Syst

And, I really should have been nicer to the owner of that other XR1200  -
and admitted that the 15 HP and 14 ft-lbs of TQ difference in our bikes was due to more than just better tuning...
Now if I had just had my velocity stack mod to the airbox installed that day so I was pushing the 100 HP line that day, I might have just edged out the XL Sportster at Susquehanna who was running Cam 2 race gas with his built 1200 cc, 575 cam motor and RBRacing LSR pipe, who turned 99.9 HP.  Don't  know what his compression ratio was, but with a similar build and a great pipe he edged me out for HP. 

Of course, like a friend said, having that HP is nice but putting it in an XR1200 that makes the power far quicker in the corners, is even nicer!