XR1200 Items for Sale
As I finish testing XR1200 items and move on to new hardware, I will offer lightly used XR1200 parts and aftermarket equipment here. 
The list will change as items sell. 
Best offer for all items - unless specifically marked otherwise.
Drop me an e-mail at Phaedrus@XR1200.us, or a note through the guest book, to make an offer.
Right now the parts for sale are...
(but if you don't see it, ask - I have other items I haven't gone through yet)
 Test and Spare Items for Sale:
  • Inspection (Derby) Cover, Polished - New in Box, Polished Inspection (Derby) cover for XL/XR primary case.  (34992-04)  MSRP ~$39 USD  make an offer
  • Shifter Lever Peg - New in Box (bag) Shifter Peg for stock XR shifter (34672-08)  MSRP ~ $28 USD - make an offer
  • Shifter Lever Assembly - New in Box (bag) XR1200 stock shifter lever assembly (33875-08)  MSRP ~ $93 USD - make an offer



  • 66 tooth Vance and Hines Rear Wheel Pulley -   This is the Vance and Hines 66 tooth rear wheel pulley for the XR1200 race bikes.  Provides a speed increase over the stock XR with the OEM 68 tooth rear pulley.  (Click here for details on pulley from V&H.)    About $245 USD new from V&H - make an offer - Sold


  • 30 tooth transmission pulley - This is the 30 tooth transmission pulley that V&H sells for the race kit as part number 35-0195 for about $124 USD.  It replaces the OEM XR 28 tooth pulley for higher track speeds.  Works well with the V&H 66 tooth rear pulley and a stock length XR1200 drive belt.   Make an offer - Sold


  • XR1200 Saddle (Original with Saddlemen Gel insert) - OEM XR1200 Saddle with gel insert installed by Saddlemen (www.saddlemen.com).  Looks original - but is upgraded for a bit more comfort.  Excellent condition.  MSRP $142 USD plus cost of gel upgrade. (51382-08).  Make an offer.

Sorry, Sold!

  • XR1200Passenger Pillion - OEM XR1200 Passenger Pillion - like new.  MSRP $114 USD. (51383-08).  Make an offer.

Sorry, Sold to the fellow who actually takes his GF on an XR!

  • Evotech Crash Protector  -  Single bar with plastic slider ends to protect oil cooler and exhaust in a fall.  Mounts to front frame using existing bolts.  (Click here for additional pictures.)
Sorry Sold to the man who dances with wolves!!
  • XR1200 Saddlebags (Harley Davidson)  - These saddlebags are the HD accessory part 90328-08.  (Click here for a description.)  They are like new.  They have been opened and some parts have been assembled for fit - but they were never fully installed on my bike or used.  They are not available from HD any longer, but if findable, they are about $330 USD new.
Sorry, Sold to the man behind the curtain!!
  • AIM VPC clutch pack - selling this AIM variable pressure clutch for XL Sportsters.  Used only for testing for fit on XR1200.  Like new, with tool marks from test fitting.  And no, it will not work on the XR1200 without some serious additional modifications to the primary cover (needs to be spaced out or extended) and the shifter shaft (would need to be extended if primary cover is spaced out).  The  XR does not have the same amount of case clearance between the clutch pack and primary cover, as the XL.   Price new is $325 USD.
Sorry, Sold to the man with scary fast turbo Buell!!
  • Termignoni HD02 2-1-2 race exhaust (carbon fiber exhaust cans)  -  This exhaust system was used for dyno testing and limited road riding to verify the tune only.  Exhaust is in excellent condition, with burnishing from normal heat.  It was not overheated and burnt.  Exhaust was mounted and has tool marks.  Excellent condition.  Packed for shipping in its original box, it weighs 21 lbs.  (Click here for pictures of the exhaust.)  New, these pipes typically run over $1800 USD. 
Sorry, Sold to the incredibly patient man!!
E-mail me with offers at Phaedrus@XR1200.us.

Micellaneous Items and takeoffs for Sale:
A variety of takeoff parts in excellent condition -
  • Front XR1200 forks (from 2009 XR1200 - not the full adjustable XR1200X forks) (46886-08/46887-08) - Sold
  • Rear XR1200 Shocks (XR1200 - not the XR1200X shocks) (54668-08 pr) - Sold
  • Stock mirrors (92376-09/92377-09)
  • Stock silver brake (42806-04 and clutch (45356-07) levers
  • Stock front brake line  (42942-08A)
  • Stock clutch cable     (38786-08A)
  • Stock front turn signals (68804-06)  - Sold
  • Stock rear turn signals (68984-01)  - Sold
  • Stock rear taillight  (68140-04)
  • Stock handlebars
  • Air Box Fascia/scoop     (65258-08)
  • XR1200 OEM Exhaust Cans (drilled/modified) - OEM Exhaust cans, for sale. These are a pair of stock drilled/modified XR1200 exhaust cans themselves, without headers or mounting hardware. They have been modified by drilling the header end of the baffle inside the cans to allow straight through flow of the gases, and by drilling a 3/8" hole in the rear end of the cans to increase air flow from the exhaust while keeping back pressure.  They are slightly louder than stock, but are only mildly different at idle.  These parts are unscrateched and in excellent condition. - Sold
Scratch and Dent
  • XR1200 Stock Exhaust Cans (unmodified) - Stock Exhaust cans for sale. These are just a pair of stock unmodified XR1200 exhaust cans themselves, without headers or mounting hardware. They are functionally fine but do have cosmetic scratches. I picked them up for testing. Click here for pictures.

Sorry, Sold!


Tank Cover



  • Orange tank cover  -  Has scratches on left side at the front.  Mounting not damaged.  Not really that terrible, but needs some filler and paint to be perfect.  Useable for a custom paint job.  Fit properly when mounted (not "popped").  Cick here for more pictures   (66271-08)

Sorry Sold!




  • Orange seat cowl  -  Is dented on the rear tip from wheeling too high on a launch at the drag strip. Could be useable for paint or custom work.  Click here for more pictures. (59901-08)

Sorry, Sold!

Stock front wheel



  • Front XR1200 18" wheel (43103-08) with brake rotors (41820-08/41821-08)and tire (43229-08) .  25mm axle.  Wheel is in overall good condition, but has nicks in the rim edge from being dropped.

Sorry, Sold!




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