Tank Cover for Sale for Paint Project, or Budget Repair
 Sorry, This Item Has Been Sold

E-mail me at Phaedrus@XR1200.us to make an offer.
The right side of this tank cover is undamaged.  It has a few normal swirl marks from knees, but is undamaged and looks good.

Undamaged Right Side
The left side of this tank is damaged.  It is hard to see in this picture, but toward the front, above about the H in the Harley logo, and on the top of the tank is a dent and mark from where the clutch lever pushed into the tank.  The dent is shallow but very noticeable in natural light.  To make it perfect it would need some minor filling and paint.

Damaged Left Side
The scratch/dent is hard to see in a camera flash, but it is on the top toward the front of the tank.  It is a shallow depression in the outer surface of the tank cover.


This shows the "scratch" a bit better.  The spider web showing in the camera flash is not visible to the eye in natural light. 

The right side of the tank cover is undamaged.  This mark was put in the top when the bike went down on its left side and drove the clutch lever into the side of the tank cover.  Otherwise, the cover is in excellent shape.