The Storz Shifter is one of the single best improvements that I  made to my XR1200.  My Storz shifter was a gift, but I'd say it is well worth its cost.  I do not, however, have the Storz footpegs or brake lever, simply the shifter.
The Storz shifter gave an immediate improvement in terms of positive shifting.  Coupled with Spectro Golden SAE 80 gear lube, it made a dramatic improvement in making crisp and positive shifts on the XR1200.  Personally, I give the Storz shifter two thumbs up!


The Storz shifter completely replaces the stock shifter, mounts on the side of the primary case, and has a spacer to replace the part removed from the left side foot peg.  It's linkage is much shorter and its heim joints more closely fitted, resulting in shorter throw with less play.  The end result is about as crisp a shift as a Harley is ever going to see.


I've been asked  whether the way the shifter mounts on the case seems weak, or whether the shifter might damage the case in a fall, and my answer to both is NO!
I'm not exactly timid with the bike, and the shifter has hit the ground several times in falls.  Yes, the peg has broken off, and yes I've managed to twist the shifter arm, but the case mount has never been a problem and the case has not been damaged.  I replaced the shifter arm once, and the second time I put it in a hydraulic press to straighten it out.  It continues to work well.
On the other hand, when I went down on a dirt trail with the stock shifter, I bent the shifter shaft going into the transmission and mangled the shifter mechanism.  The repair was more extensive with a stock shifter.
The Storz shifter is a little pricey but it will definintely improve shifting!

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