Mod to lower the Brake Pedal

I used to like to ride with my insteps on the footpegs and toes inboard.  It gave me a good solid foot position on rough roads and dirt, but I couldn't bring the toe of my right foot inboard to keep from snagging brush, without resting on the brake pedal.  And - unfortunately there is not much adjustment in the brake pedal, so there was no way to adjust the pedal downward to be able to ride like this with your foot over the brake pedal.
Here is what I did to drop it down so that I could ride with my foot over the pedal...

The stock brake pedal position looks like this.

Stock Brake Pedal Position
This is the position of the brake pedal from the factory.

First I removed the lockring and pulled the pin that connects the rear brake plunger to the pedal.

Plunger bolt for the brake pedal

The threaded rod on the plunger prevents raising the rear of the brake pedal enough to lower the pedal itself significantly, so I removed the lock nut on the rod and cut about a quarter inch off the threaded rod with my Dremel. 

Trimmed plunger bolt

Then I put some loctite on the threaded rod and screwed it in to the bracket for the pedal until it bottomed out on the stop nut.  Once the bracket was threaded on, I re-inserted the pin and secured it with its lock ring.

Position of lock nut

Voila, a dropped brake pedal that allows riding with your arch on peg and heel hooked in place, and leaves your toe free to swing in tight to the side of the bike nicely positioned over the rear brake.

Lowered pedal

Here is what it looks like on the side of the bike.  The nice thing is if you want to revert to the original position you just thread the rod back out, and re-position the brake pedal with the lock nut in place.

Modified brake pedal

And, I should say that while riding on the street and track in my racing boots, I tend to ride with the ball of my foot on the peg, which means I have since raised the brake pedal back up, closer to its original position.   But this worked well when riding trails and logging roads...

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