Cleaning up the rear end -

I didn't care for the look of the stock rear lighting.  Also, I did not want to buy an Evotech or other tail light assembly as it seemed easy enough to just clean up the stock assembly.  Here is an easy alteration that I think makes the rear of the bike look a lot cleaner.

This is a shot of the tail light and license plate.  This is from the first week I had the bike back in February 2009.

Original Tail Light

You can tell how quickly I started to modify the bike.  The seat and passenger pillion pad are already off the bike and were on their way out to Saddlemen to have gel pads inserted, during these photos.


Two weeks later, and here is the change with the Saddlemen modified seats in place.  I unbolted the side reflectors from the rear, took a Dremel to the reflector bracket under the license plate, and swapped out for a Kuryakyn laydown brake light.  The read turn signal lenses came with the HD brake/turn signal module that I installed to add some light to the rear of the bike.


I liked the look.  Cleaner, and no cost.  Took about 20 minutes to do.


Just because this is one of the last fairly stock images of the bike, here is one more shot of the rear end.  At this point it just has the rear light cleanup, Saddlemen seat inserts, Evotech frame slider, Evotech oil cooler cover, Darkhorse Moto rear axle slider, and narrower HD handlebars with long stem mirrors and black brake levers.



It sounds funny now, but back in March of 2010 this was as far as I ever planned on going with the bike.  I had an unused SERT module I planned to tune the bike with.   I was sure I was not going to do anything more to my XR1200!

Aaaahh, but a little later I fell under the spell of wanting smaller tail lights.  The HD LED tail lights sounded right for me - but I didn't want smoked lenses, and the orange lenses didn't come with black shells.  So, I bought a set of the lights dirt cheap on e-bay, painted the housings and stalks black, and cut the rear stalks down about an inch to have the lights hug the rear end a little closer.  Cutting the stalks isn't trivial, since they are shaped to the tail lights, but the end result was good for me.  Here is what the rear end looks like a year later with the "new" tail lights - plus a few other mods on the bike...

REar of XR1200 - cleaned up with HD LED Taillights

Side view

Rear end straight on