Harley 41822-10 Floating Brake Rotors from the XR1200X - a pretty good upgrade

At 3.25 lbs each (weighed by my), these HD floating rotors save about 1.25 pounds over a stock XR brake rotor and weigh almost exactly the same as a Braking rotor for a stock wheel, at a significant price savings.  They are stainless with a black painted steel carrier/center.
The front rotors are 292 mm diameter and roughly 56.5 mm thick, with 5 mounting holes.  The stock rotors are left/right specific.  The HD floating rotors fit either side.
Here is a picture of the HD floating front rotor...


For comparison, here is a pic of a Braking STX106D "wave" rotor for a stock XR1200 wheel.


Front Rotor Description



Part Number


Stock XR1200 Front Brake Rotor

4.5 lbs (my scale)

$65.66 ea (Zanotti disocunt)

41820-08 (Right front)
41821-08 (Left front)

Harley Davidson XR1200X Floating Front Rotor

3.25 lbs (my scale)

$131.89 ea (Zanotti discount)


Braking stainless steel floating rotor for XR1200 wheel

3.24 lbs (Braking spec weight fm Braking Customer Service)

267.75 Euros (about $346) ea
(From a German source, plus shipping)


Oh, and just FYI, these SBS sintered "street" brake pads have gotten good reviews for stopping power.  I'm going to give them a try.



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