XR1200 Modifications, Notes, and Installs


The XR1200 Engine (unplugged) - Overview

I disassembled the top end of my engine to do some measurements
and take care of a couple of things.  The XR1200 "Unplugged"
pages are a look inside the top end of the XR1200 engine.
These are some of the things that I've installed on my XR1200:

Summary of mods presently on my XR1200

Compression calculations with Redshift 575XR cams

Crankcase External Breather Mod

38-57 Primary Gearing (HD Gearing on Brazilian/Japanese XR1200 models)

Oil Catch Cans and External Routing of Breathers

Roller Rockers


Harley Davidson parts for the XR1200
     HD Saddlebags
     HD Tail Bag
     HD Tank Bag