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mypictures/index/DSCN0006.JPG  Torque Hammer

I was looking back through old pictures, and stumbled across these.
I'd forgotten how much I like the Torque Hammer by Twin Motorcycles of the Netherlands.
A great pipe, light weight, great ground clearance, well-made, good power curve, and did I mention, light weight!
Plus it is made and sold by Dris, a real XR enthusiast and expert on XR's and Buells.

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I am slowly updating and adding a few new notes...
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I've collected some information on the Harley Davidson XR1200 Sportster, which may be useful to others.  I wanted a place where I could centralize my thoughts and info, and avoid the bickering that inevitably goes on, in motorcycle forums.  The information on this site is as accurate as I have been able to make it, but this is not an official Harley Davidson or other company site.  If you notice something that is not correct please let me know and I will correct the item.  If you have any ideas for information which could be added, speak up -  I may already have the data buried somewhere, may be able to find it, or may not have a clue.
I've still not had time to upload everything, but am working on it.  This is purely a part time thing for me, so for now I'd say check back and browse if you want to stay on top of the changes...
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These are my notes about the Harley Davidson XR1200 and new things that I've looked at.  Since I migrated the site it is hard to keep them up, but I've left them available for info....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Have added some notes on the Fuel Tank vent valves and how the fuel tank breathes.

Click here to see the Fuel Tank breather system.   Cheers, P
08:30 am est

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Have been updating various pages, and notes on clutch upgrades and breather mods,  Also am archiving old Blog notes to clean up home page

Still am trying to find an easier way to edit and update these pages.  For now, line by line HTML editing seems to be the way to clean out old Verizon coding, and to update content on the various pages.  I am trying to declutter this Home page by moving old Blog notes to archived pages.  Hopefully I can shift to adding new pages highlighting other notes, in the near future.   Cheers, P
08:30 am est

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Updated and added to notes on previous attempt to install the AIM VPC clutch upgrade

I updated my notes regarding the Aim Variable Pressure Clutch (VPC) on the XR1200. While it won't work on the XR1200 without modifications that most riders will not want to perform, I did a writeup of my install try..  Click here for my notes.  Cheers, P
10:00 am est

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Updated and added to notes on testing of Ethanol fuel and its stability over time

I updated some of my notes on E10 Ethanol fuel, and my thoughts regarding it.  I won't say that I like it, and it contributes negatively to performance and fuel mileage, but I believe there is a lot of emotionally charged information out there regarding its effect on our motorcycles.  Click here for my notes.  Cheers, P
16:00 pm est

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